Diversity and Inclusion Company of the Year

This category will recognise those who demonstrate the
strongest commitment to diversity and inclusion, both in
the day to day, as well as through specific activities and
initiatives. Judges will be looking for examples of activities
that have promoted the building of diverse teams, creation
of inclusive working environments or driving culture to
create marketing/products/services that are inclusive
of a diverse audience. We are looking to reward those
companies who are pushing boundaries and shaping their
own journeys.

PR and Communications Agency of the Year

This award will recognise an agency who has demonstrated
excellence over the past year. Only companies entering
other categories in the awards may enter for Agency of the
Year. Please provide examples of
1. Growth of revenues
2. Acquisition of clients
3. Success of campaigns
4.Testimonials from clients.

You may also use other evidence such as new innovations, internal changes or other specific achievements that showcase the differences your agency has made over the past year.

PR and Communications In-house Team of the Year

This category will recognise an in-house team who has
demonstrated excellence over the past year. Discuss the
structure of the team. Describe the team’s marketing
activities over the past year. Demonstrate results produced
by these activities and how they impacted on the overall

PR and Communications Brand Team of the Year

This category is open to all teams who can prove they have
executed an exceptional body of work for a specific brand
or sub-section of a brand. Discuss the structure of the
team. Describe the team’s PR activities over the past year.
Demonstrate results produced by these activities and how
they impacted on the overall company and brand.

Rising Star

In this category we want to give recognition to a talented
individual who has 3 years experience or less. In the entry
you could include evidence such as work ethic, client
management, new business wins or doing something
impactful that gives them the deserving title of Rising Star of
the Year

Not for Profit

For work briefed and implemented for a charity or not-for
profit organisations. Please supply the registered charity
number for the client within the accompanying report.


For any technology business or organisation.


For any energy business or organisation.


For any B2B business or organisation.


For any FMCG business or organisation.

Best Event, Stunt or Promotional Activation

This category will reward the best event, stunt or promotional
activation that can demonstrate clear and tangible results.
Include the objectives, budget details, innovation and creativity used.


For a digital strategy or campaign that can demonstrate tangible results e.g. website traffic, click through rates, page views per visit and average time spent, changes in customer attitudes, etc.

Influencer Marketing

A campaign that can demonstrate how influencer marketing was used to deliver excellent results. Share details of elements such as aligned goals, paid activity, appearances, product placement,

Internal Communications

The judges will be looking at how the internal communications campaign made a difference to the overall business.

Small Budget

This category will award an effective PR campaign which was
successfully executed for £20k or less.

Most Effective Use of Content

This category will award the best use of content within a
strategy or campaign that was innovative and creative and
can clearly show what was achieved - ROI, impact on the
brand, consumer attitudes, engagement etc.

Most Effective Use of Earned Media

A campaign which shows the impact of a targeted and
creative execution of a media relations programme in
support of a defined organisational outcome. Share details
on planning, targeting, media pitch and the resulting
coverage to show how the campaign moved the needle.

Most Effective Use of Social Media

This category will award the entrant who can prove that social media was used to deliver tangible results within their strategy or campaign

Most Effective Use of Creativity

This category will award the most effective use of creativity
within a campaign. Judges will be looking for entries that
can demonstrate how the creative element contributed to
the success of the campaign.

Most Effective Use of Data and Insights

Demonstrate how you used data and insights to inform
your strategy. What research was conducted and how did
you analyse it? How did you apply this to your campaign to
make it so successful?

Most Effective Use of Technology

In this category we are looking to see exemplary examples
of how technology was used in a campaign. Did you
introduce a chatbot, app, AI or any other clever tech-led
solution that had a clear impact on the final results?

Most Effective Use of Measurement

This category should demonstrate the value of PR through
measurement. We want to see an excellent example of how
you measured organisational outcomes using the AMEC
measurement framework. The judges will be looking for
SMART objectives with metrics which clearly demonstrate
the organisational outcome attributed to the campaign.
The outcome should be backed up with data, insights and
benchmark research.

Corporate Social Responsibility

What have you done as a business or throughout a campaign that demonstrates your commitment to CRS? This could include areas such as charities, social good and sustainabilty.

Long Running and Retained PR Account

Tell us what the kind of work you and your client have done
together and how you have managed to successfully deliver
on your KPIs. More importantly, how have you managed to
add such value that enabled you to keep hold of this very
important client? You must have retained the account for at
least +3 years to be eligible to enter.

Reputation Management and Crisis PR

In this category the judges want to know how you made a
significant shift in perception or repositioning. What tactics
did you deploy and how did you measure it?