Kyle Monson
Kyle Monson

Kyle has worked in the tech industry for more than 15 years, first as a journalist for publications like PC Magazine, then as a strategist, writer, and creative lead for Big Tech and a wide range of startups. As a partner at Codeword, Kyle oversees the agency's editorial, design, and PR teams.

Kyle brings an editor's eye to marketing. He loves to dive deep into technology and develop comms programs that resonate with skeptical tech enthusiasts and tech media. He pioneered a Cannes-award-winning newsroom for Microsoft that put engineering voices at the forefront of the company’s IT marketing. He shaped a proto-influencer program for Qualcomm that invited thought leaders and academics to explore the global impact of wireless technology. He helped Google develop one of the largest content marketing platforms in the world. He’s developed small-audience engagement strategies for Netflix documentaries. He’s ghostwritten high-profile keynote speeches that were viewed by millions. And he’s grown an agency from three people with strong opinions to 65 people working together to shape the future of technology marketing.

Across all of his work, Kyle helps his clients put their users and their audiences first. He believes brands and marketing budgets should be used to make the world and the internet more rewarding, rich, and delightful for people. And he’s spent more than a decade pushing for corporate transparency in PR and advertising.

When he’s not hunched over his laptop, Kyle enjoys gaming with his son, making up strange D&D storylines with his daughter, and watching snobby TV shows with his wife. He also plays synth and bass guitar with his band Controller, and he can sit at a piano and bang out pretty much any song by ear. (Try him sometime.)